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You've reached the home page of Nick Balogh, an employee (and graduate) of the University of Missouri in Columbia, where I was formerly a Research Ambassador for the MU Office of Undergraduate Research at the Life Sciences Center, as well as the past Chief Information Officer and Master Control Technician Emeritus for MUTV, the MU campus television station. Via a partnership I was part of, MUTV now syndicates its original student-produced programs to mid-Missouri Nielsen DMA #137 via Mediacom Cable.

Here you can see my past and current projects around the University, view my résumé, professional interests, and find out how to contact me through e-mail.

Thanks for visiting. Oh, and here's my Data Center server's current throughput and memory use, while you're at it:

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eth0 throughput, weekly view
memory usage, hourly view
memory usage, weekly view

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